fredag den 15. januar 2016

Covenant Prayer

Hi there!

I've written a song inspired by Charles Wesleys "Covenant Prayer". It's not a prayer you can pray lightly. It expresses complete surrender and commitment to Jesus - "I'm no longer my own but Yours". I sing it both willingly and with trepidation.

The lyrics are below the video.

- Arvid

I’m no longer my own, but Yours
I’m no longer my own, but Yours
I can rest in your love, your promise endures
I’m no longer my own, but Yours

1 Put me to what You will,
Rank me with whom You will.
Blessing or suffering – in every season I’ll sing

2 I’ll be employed by You
Or laid aside for You,
Exalted or brought low - In your hand, I can let go

3 Let me be filled by You,
I'll empty me out for You.
All things or nothing more – You are the one I adore

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