torsdag den 29. oktober 2015

Play and Purpose

Hi! These days I'm thinking about the combination of purpose and play and how it applies to creativity in worship leading and songwriting.

Every work proces needs to be motivated by both purpose and play. 

'Purpose' is seriousness, determination, task, focus on the goal.

'Play' is fun, relationships, curiosity, focus on the process.

'Purpose and play' is what others have described as 'closed and open mode' (check out this former blogpost)

As worship leaders we know our purpose (don't we?): We are to help Gods people know God better and love Him deeper. We use music and corporate singing as an important tools.

We also have production plans that keeps us on track and busy rehersals that requires focus and a lot of quik decission making. Besides that it can some time seem, that worship is suppose to be a very serious thing. It's as if seriousness should have been one of the fruits of the Spirit.

But it's actually not!

Joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit! So let's dare to have fun. Let's dare to smile more. Let's spend  playfull time with our worship team. And let's dare to take chances and let our rehersals be more about experimenting with new arrangements than just reproducing the song as recorded on the album.

And what about songwriting? It also seems to me like most songwriting comes out of more purpose than play. 

Many worship songs seems to be purely handicrafts, made strickly for the purpose of corporate singing. But in my ears so much worship music sounds the same as if the songwriter spend very little time playing around with ideas, asking "what would happen if we do this?...". 

So we get lyrics that are biblical but have lost it's freshness and have become clichess. And we settle for 100bpm, key of G and a guitar-riff sounding like U2.

Let's dare to try new meters, new keys, play around with new words and new sounds.

Worshipleaders - let's have more fun! And check out this guy - he's surely having fun while serving a purpose :)

- Arvid

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  1. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

    1. Godt indlæg! jeg har vist efterhånden spillet min del af u2 riff ;) de hjemsøger mig og irriterer mig. jeg vil ha skævheder, skrat, uforudsigeligheder, personlighed!!