mandag den 24. august 2015

English translations

This will be my first blogpost in english! This summer my family and I was on sabbatical in Atlanta, GA. We got to be around Aaron Keyes and hos family and we were invited into the greater extended family of worshipleaders around the worshipschool, "10.000 Fathers". What an amazing community!

Here I wanna share 2 videos that Aaron and I shot to present 2 songs of mine that Aaron and I have translated into english. These are my first writings in english and I'm excited to see my songs travel outside the small danish languagetribe :)

The first one is "Jesus, I remember you" (danish: "Jeg vil ikke glemme dig"). It was first recorded on my 2013-album, "Nye Salmer Fra Dagligstuen". Here it is...


The second one is "God so loved the world" (danish: "Jesus, jeg har brug for dig")

- Arvid

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