mandag den 5. november 2012

Turen går til USA

I starten af december tager jeg til til USA for at være sammen med lovsangslederen Aaron Keyes og deltage på et 5 dages kursus for lovsangsledere - jeg glæder mig helt vildt! Nogle kender måske Aaron fra Worship Today, hvor han medvirkede sidste år...

Jeg vil gerne give ordet til Aaron, som her fortæller om hans vision og sætter ord på noget af det, jeg også længes efter... (se også aaronkeyes.com/school)

God is raising up a new generation of worship leaders

Everywhere I go, I’m meeting hungry young leaders who are wanting more than to sing nice songs in nice pretty churches. I’m meeting men and women who are willing to get on their knees and pray for an outpouring of God in their cities, men and women who are wanting to serve their congregations and see God’s glory in their midst, men and women who desperately want more of the Lord in their own lives and the lives of their church families. I’m meeting worship leaders who aren’t satisfied with a slick production and a tight band, but are after something more weighty and transcendent.
And I’m meeting them all over the place. I really do believe it: there is a shift happening, here and now.

God is moving and stirring a passion for authentic worship in the hearts of so many young (and old!) worship leaders, and this is a beautiful thing. And yet, as is obvious by now, passion without understanding can be dangerous. Zeal without temperance can prove damaging, and talent without character can be unlimited in the amount of harm it can cause.

Returning to Jesus’ model of discipleship is going to be key in properly cultivating and stewarding all that God is doing in the next generation of worship leader, both in terms of talent and character. And if you’re reading this, I’m hopeful that you might be a part of it. I’m hopeful that you’re hungry to see the Kingdom of God come on earth as it is in heaven. I’m hopeful that you want to lead people into knowing God more fully, love him more deeply, and experience him more powerfully. I’m hopeful that you’ll be a worship pastor who will lead people, not just songs. I’m hoping you’ll want to build worshipers, not just bless them. I’m hoping You want to be more than a worship leader–or a lead worshipper for that matter; you want to be a worship pastor.

I want that too, and I want to help you.

We want to give you everything we know, everything we have, and empower you as best as we humbly can. We invite you to come into our community for a season. Come into our homes and our lives and let’s walk together. Let’s dig deep into God’s word, let’s let Him dig deep into us, let’s pray and fast and stretch and grow. Let’s intercede and serve the Bride of Christ. Let’s become pastors and priests of worship in our generation.

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